Its Been A While……..

Hello to every body looking at my blog. It has been over a year since I have posted to this blog. I’m 12 now and i’m in the 7th grade now for all of you who were wondering. Well I just wanted to get the dust off this old blog and post something.

The Best Gift I Gave On Christmas

    The best gift I gave over the holidays was a 5 dollar bill. I gave it to my little sister. She wasn’t ecstatic or anything but she liked it. I was glad I gave it to her because then she wouldn’t ask for it anymore. I just wanted to give her something so she wouldn’t feel left out. After I gave it to she decided to spend it on candy.

5th Grade Reflections

This year was a bad and good year. It was more good than bad. I had a lot of fun. We did science experiments that did some crazy things. We also did a lot of math witch is now my favorite subject. I admit it the STAAR tests where hard. The bad thing was I got a lot of marks this year and we have no more recess. That was some of my things i did and some things i liked and didn’t.

So Long 5th Grade

The most important thing I learned is how fascinating science is.

My most favorite project was PBL field trip.

I was most surprised by how much 5th grade has flown by.

The thing I disliked most was homework.

That a Girl!

The story takes place in 1931. The great depression had hit Cattarooga, and all of  Tennessee. Another detail related to Hazles  fauther that makes the story feel like it is set in the past is that the story has Babe Ruth and Babe Ruth has died. The auther list three people in the story who rilly lived and they are Jackie Michel, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehring. I chose one person who was listed in the story and wrote two details about them. Babe Ruth is one of the all-time greats of baceball and he was on the yankies. Timy had a nickle to spend at the stadiom. A nickle could not buy a box of cracerjacks today. One detail that told me where the story was set is “the game could have to be a treat”.


Every time someone bought a printed pice of material, he or she also had to buy a stamp to put on it to prove that he or she paid the tax.The townshend act was named after Charles Townshend.